About Us


When you are looking for the gold standard in catering, Gradegold catering is the natural choice for all your needs. Here at Gradegold Ltd, we are proud to say that we are a family run catering company, offering incredible service at incredible value for over 20 years. Since our establishment in 1990, we have grown at an impressive rate, and developed our services and processes to meet the wide and varied needs of our highly acclaimed client-based; from media clients such as BskyB to airline industry partners such as Gate Gourmet.

From day one our passion has been our desire to deliver the freshest and choicest of fruit and vegetable produce, with optimum taste and quality. We never accept anything below our extraordinarily high standards of quality because we wouldn‘t expect our customers to either. Whether it is carefully selecting the freshest vegetables for our soup company clients or tailoring a beautiful catering provision for a wedding, we give it our utmost attention to detail. This is exactly why we have built ourselves a solid reputation as one of London’s top providers of fresh ingredients. For us, fresh ingredients are not simply pieces of fruit or vegetables; they are creative and artistic dishes waiting to be tasted by eager individuals. So we take our presentation very seriously in our prepared fruit and vegetable products, as well as our newly added salads range. These beautifully arranged products are not just delicious on the tongue but delicious to the eyes too.

When it comes to freshness, our standards are not limited to the produce we have but also our processes for ensuring that our products are delivered in the freshest of conditions. All of our food is prepared on the day, and transported directly to its destination in our well-maintained refrigerated vans so that it gets to you exactly how you would expect it. At Gradegold we stringently monitor cost and quality through rigorous assurance processes to ensure that our customers are truly obtaining the best value for money.

We deliver within and beyond the M25 area keeping accessible to our customers and ensuring that we arrive on time. Customer service excellence and satisfaction is our prime focus when we service our customers’ needs and we know that the key to this is being contactable and flexible. Whatever the job, whatever the scale, whenever you need us for, simply give us a call and one of our friendly and helpful staff will be on hand to assist you with finding the right catering solution for you. And if it’s not something we do as standard we’ll do our very best to find a way of tailoring our service to fit around your requirements.